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How to Get Facebook Conversion API Access Token


The Conversion API Access Token is a key component in ensuring the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns and gaining valuable insights into user behavior. Here's why it's crucial:

Enhanced Tracking Accuracy: Conversion API allows you to send conversion and event data directly from your server to Facebook. This method is more reliable than relying solely on browser-based tracking (e.g., Facebook Pixel). It ensures that conversions are accurately attributed to your ads, even in cases where browser tracking may be limited or blocked.

Comprehensive Data: With Conversion API, you can track a wide range of events, including purchases, sign-ups, form submissions, and more. This comprehensive data collection provides a better understanding of user interactions with your website or app.

Improved Ad Optimization: Accurate conversion data helps Facebook's ad algorithm optimize your campaigns. It can allocate budget more effectively to ads and audience segments that are driving the most valuable conversions, leading to better ROI.

Cross-Device Tracking: Conversion API helps bridge the gap in cross-device tracking. It allows you to connect user interactions on different devices and browsers, providing a more holistic view of the customer journey.

Privacy Compliance: As privacy regulations become stricter, Conversion API can be an essential tool for businesses to handle user data in a compliant manner. It allows you to transmit conversion data without exposing sensitive user information, helping you maintain data privacy and security.

Redundancy and Data Resilience: By using Conversion API alongside browser-based tracking methods, you create redundancy in your data collection process. This redundancy ensures that even if one method fails, you still have a reliable way to capture crucial conversion data.


Here are the prerequisites for obtaining your Facebook Conversion API Access Token:

Facebook Business Manager Account: You must have a Facebook Business Account. If you don't have one, Here's how you can create it: Complete Meta Business Manager Setup Guide.

Facebook Pixel or Dataset.

Permissions to Pixel or Dataset Settings: Make sure that your Facebook Profile has all the necessary permissions.

Business Verification: Depending on your location and the specific requirements set by Facebook, you may need to complete business verification. This is often required for businesses that handle sensitive data or operate in certain regions.

These prerequisites ensure that you have the necessary infrastructure and knowledge in place to effectively get the Facebook Conversion API Access Token.

Steps to Get a Conversion API Access Token

Open in a new tab
On the left sidebar, go to Data Sources → Pixels or Datasets depending on what you're using.

Data Sources → Pixels or Datasets

Click on our Pixel or Dataset → Open in Events Manager.

Pixel or Dataset → Open in Events Manager

The Pixel shown in the screenshot above is for demo and example purposes only. Your Pixel will have a different name and ID.

4.Click on Settings.

Click on Settings

Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Generate access token.

Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Generate access token

Click to copy the access token.

Copy the access token


In summary, Conversion API Access Tokens play a vital role in ensuring accurate, comprehensive, and privacy-compliant tracking of conversions and events. They empower businesses to optimize their advertising efforts, make data-driven decisions, and adapt to evolving privacy regulations.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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