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How to Assign a Facebook Pixel to an Ad Account

Having a Facebook Pixel linked with an ad account is required to launch ad campaigns that optimize for certain events.

If your Pixel is not assigned to any ad account connected to Easy Ads for Facebook, you won't be able to view it in the General Settings step of Ad Sets.

Please make sure you have the following prerequisite:

Created & Installed a Facebook Pixel on Your Website

If you have already created and installed a Facebook Pixel on your website, and you want to link your Pixel to an ad account you use with Easy Ads for Facebook, please follow these steps:

Go to Business Settings in Business Manager.
On the sidebar, click on the Data Sources drop-down then select Pixels.
Select the Pixel you want to assign to an ad account.
Make sure your Facebook profile you’re connected with has the Manage Pixel permission in this Pixel. If this is not done yet, you can click on Add People and grant the Manage Pixel permission to the profile in question Make sure to grant them the Manage Pixel Permission.
Click Add Assets.
Select the ad account you want to assign your Facebook Pixel to. Click Add then Done.

Note: You can assign one Pixel to multiple ad accounts.

Click on the Connected Assets tab to verify if the Pixel is successfully assigned to the ad account.

Updated on: 20/03/2023

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