Dynamic Ads: the Best Ads to Run in 2024

Have you ever felt haunted by anonymous people to make you buy their products? They might know where you are, what you like, and dislike.

Don’t freak out; you're not going insane. It's just online marketing using dynamic ads which hunts users.

In this article, we're going to walk you through:

What Are Advantage + Catalog Ads.

How Advantage + Catalog Ads Work.

Advantage + Catalog Ads Vs Video Ads and Static Ads.

Meta Advantage + Catalog Ads.

Meta Policies for Advantage + Catalog Ads.

1. What Are Advantage + Catalog Ads

Advantage + Catalog Ads i. e. Dynamic Ads are a type of ads that enables you to target every person of your audience with an offer they're most likely to be interested in. You see an ad for an item you previously interacted with. It isn’t a coincidence. Instead, it's Advantage + Catalog ads.

These ads are designed to match the behavior of every individual, and generate a personalized ad for each interest they have to ensure productive results.

Advantage + Catalog ads were previously referred to as Dynamic Ads. Dynamic refers to “always be changing” which is the main feature of Advantage + Catalog ads; they generate ads to every customer based on their unique behaviors and demographics.

It's because you have interacted with "shoes" that an Advantage + Catalog ad shows you an ad of one. On the other hand, your wife is expecting a baby, so she's interacting with baby posts on social media. Therefore, the ads that she'll be exposed to the most are baby related ads.

2. How Advantage + Catalog Ads Work

Advantage + Catalog ads study the external data of your audience. The data includes:

Demographic data: age, location, and gender.
Behavioral data: interests, browsing history, social media interactions, etc.

Advantage + Catalog ads take the products, images, and text you have added in your catalog to design different ads for every potential customer based on their demographic and behavioral data.

A 20-year old man who clicks on every activewear is exposed to an Advantage + Catalog ad that promotes activewear.

Whereas, an old man who searches for warm sweatshirts might see an ad related to warm sweatshirts.

These two ads are actually one Advantage + Catalog ad from one brand; the ad processes the demographic and behavioral data of this brand’s audience and generates completely different ads with different products for each customer.

3. Advantage + Catalog Ads in Easy ads For Facebook ads Vs Video Ads and Static Ads:

Have you ever tried to compete in the football world cup?

I assume you have never since you are not a football professional player. However, what if I told you I will give you a professional coach who has trained many world cup winners. Here, you may feel confident enough to give it a try.

Easy Ads developed Advantage + Catalog ads to ensure they have unique features that cannot be found in video ads or static ads. Some of these features are:

Dynamic remarketing: in which the ad displays specific offers or products to people who have shown interest in your products.

Sequential storytelling: dynamic ads display ads in a certain order to take the potential customer from the stage of awareness (clicking on your website) to the stage of loyalty ( coming back to buy more than one product).

User journey: dynamic ads analyze data generated from your pixels to promote ads based on where the customer is in the funnel.

Video ads get you the attention if you have created a high quality one. However, it can never improve your conversion rate while saving you time and coins.

4.Facebook Dynamic Ads:

If you want to create an Advantage + Catalog ad in Meta ( Facebook), you must have these two requirements:

A product feed: this refers to a product catalog where you include all the items that you want to promote with their descriptions and images.

A pixel: which is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure and optimize the audiences for your ad campaigns. You may learn more about Facebook pixel here.

5.Facebook Policies for Dynamic Ads:

Meta always ensures its users are protected through its community standards. If you want to run Advantage + Catalog ads on Meta (Facebook and Instagram), you have to be familiar with these standards or your ads will be restricted from advertising.

Here are some Meta community standards for Advantage + Catalog ads:

Adult products.
Alcoholic beverages.
Body parts or fluids.
Digital media and electronic devices.
Documents, devises et instruments financiers.

There are more than 25 policies that you must read and respect while running your Advantage + Catalog ads. You can find them here.

Thanks to Easy Ads for Facebook Ads, you can run your Advantage + Catalog Ads now easily and quickly.

Here is a step by step guide to help you set up your easy ads correctly; Getting Started with Easy Ads for Facebook Ads.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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