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I can’t select/see my Meta (Facebook) Business Manager

If a Business Manager appears to be grayed out and you’re unable to click on it to select it, this means one of two things:

You’re not an admin of this Business Manager.
This Business Manager is restricted from advertising.

How to fix this:

Ask the owner of this Business Manager to grant you admin permission. Here's how: Manage permissions for Business Manager.
In this case, this Business Manager cannot be used with Easy Ads for Facebook. We recommend appealing this decision or proceeding with another Business Manager.

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If you can’t see a Business Manager in the "Business Manager" dropdown, this means that your Facebook profile does not have access to this specific Business Manager.

How to fix this:

Add the Facebook profile connected to Easy Ads for Facebook as an admin on your Business Manager. Here’s how: How to add a profile to a Facebook Business Manager.
Return to the Easy Ads for Facebook app and hard refresh the browser page you're on (Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + R for Windows OR Command + Shift + R for OS) to delete the cache.
Connect your Meta Business Manager.

If none of the cases above apply to you, please contact our support team via the in-app live chat, our support channel, or via our email address at

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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