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How to Change Products Promoted in Ads

You've successfully launched your funnel using Easy Ads for Facebook, but now you want to change the products you selected. How do you do that?

To change the products you selected, please follow the steps below:

On your Easy Ads for Facebook dashboard, click on Settings.


Then, click on Promoted Products.

Promoted Products

Click on the Only some tags tab.

Only some tags

Remove any previous tag selection.

Choose the tags associated with the products you want to promote.

Easy Ads for Facebook uses product tags in order to pull products from your Shopify store to show in ads. Tags are an internal maagement system and are not visible in your store or in ads. They also don't affect targeting. Their sole purpose is to determine which ads are shown in ads and to help assign a product feed category to your products in order to enhance audience targeting. You can learn more about creating and managing tags here: Creating and using tags in Shopify.

Select a Default Product Category that represents the products selected in your store.

Default Feed Category

Selecting a Defaullt Product Category is a required step to submit your products to Meta. It also helps in enhancing your audience targeting.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every product tag you'd like to add.

Click on the Save button.


Now the products selected in your campaign will be updated in the next daily product feed update.

Updated on: 20/03/2023

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