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How to Update the Copy (Ad Text) of Your Ads

In this guide, you'll learn how to update your the copy (text) of your ads after launching your funnel.

Kindly note that changing your ad copy will reset your ads' learning phase. To learn more about the learning phase and best practices, please visit this guide: About The Learning Phase.


On your Easy Ads for Facebook dashboard, click on Settings.


Click on the Advertising Funnel option.

Advertising Funnel

Click on Select Products to PromoteSave to reveal the advertising funnel.

Select Products to Promote


Click on each funnel stage to re-write your ad copy.

If you need guidance to write better ad copy, you can consult this step by step copywriting guide: How to Write Facebook Ads Copy That Sells.

Update Ad Copy

Optional: Add a discount to encourage people to buy. The app syncs discounts you have set up on your Shopify store.

Add Discount

Optional: Add a variable to personalize your ad copy.

Add Variable

There's no need to edit the content inside the {}; the app will automatically display the correct variable based on the product your audience is seeing.

Click on Launch Update My Ads to save your changes.

Your ads will be set back into review. Once reviewed and approved by Meta, your ads will run again.

Updated on: 20/03/2023

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