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Using AI Ad Optimization

AI Ad optimization is an advanced feature that uses AI to control your budget and maximize your conversions.

This AI bases its decisions on the data it learned from for 4+ years of helping 10,000+ advertisers automate their ads.

In essence, Easy Ads for Facebook AI observes your ads’ performance over a period of time, then makes a decision to increase/decrease ad spend based on how well your campaign is performing.

#Using AI Ad Optimization

To use AI ad budget optimization, follow the steps below:

Click on the Update Campaign button on your Dashboard.
Go to the 'Launch" tab.
Enable the AI Automation toggle in the “Launch” tab.
Set a maximum daily budget, this the most the AI can increase your daily budget to.
Click on the "Update My Ads" button.
AI will now check your ads every ads, evaluate their performance, then take an appropriate action.

Any action AI performs on your ads is recorded in the AI log.

To view the AI log, click on the “View Log” on your Dashboard.

#Disabling AI

If you wish to disable AI from taking further actions on your ads:

Go to your Dashboard.
Disable the Automation toggle.

AI will no longer optimize your advertising budget.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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