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What is the daily budget ?

A campaign’s daily budget has a direct impact on the results you can achieve through advertising.

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What is the budget?
How Does it work?
How much should you put in your daily budget?

What Is A Budget?

The budget is the amount of money you pay Meta to run ads on its platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger).

The daily budget is the amount you pay to Meta every day to run your ads on its platforms.

You pay it directly to Meta via the payment method you added to your ad account.

In Easy Ads , depending on which plan you're on, each funnel you create will have its designated daily budget that you set while creating your campaign.

How does it work?

You can’t launch a campaign in Meta unless you set a daily budget.

Think of it this way: the daily budget is the fuel your campaign needs to burn so it can run ads.

By setting a daily budget, you tell Meta how much you want to spend on your campaign or ad set every day. If you put a daily budget for your whole campaign, Meta will distribute it based on your ad sets performance.

However, if you set a daily budget for an ad set, that budget will be used for that ad set only.

To save your time and energy, Easy Ads uses Advantage + Campaign Budget (Previously referred to as CBO), which spends your budget on ad sets that are most likely to get results.

It's normal for some ad sets to spend and others not as that's the purpose of CBO; better usage of your budget.

How much should you put in your daily budget?

As a Meta Certified Media Buyers who worked with thousands of advertisers, we can confirm that having a low daily budget hurts the potential of your campaign.

The reason why you need to avoid small daily budgets is when you're optimizing for conversions, you are bidding against other advertisers on the same audience, when you set a low budget and target a large audience, you are losing the ad auction every time and getting stuck with "bad audiences".

The minimal daily budget you should consider is 10 dollars as this will allow your campaign to reach its full potential.

The golden rule of thumb is to set a budget of at least 10 USD for every 1 million people you target. Otherwise, it is recommended to have a large audience of people for Advantage + campaigns, which is why we recommend on average 10 USD for every 10 million people you target.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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