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What is the Learning Phase?

(T)_he learning phase is a crucial phase that every campaign in Meta goes through. However, if you don’t understand what it’s and how it impacts your campaign, you can’t fully comprehend the performance of your ads nor can you scale them.

In this article, you'll learn:

What Is the Learning Phase?
How Long Does The Learning Phase Take?
What Should You Do In The Learning Phase?
What Should You Avoid In The Learning Phase?

What Is The Learning Phase?

The learning phase is a phase that your campaign goes into once it starts running. In this phase, Meta is learning who your best target audience is.

To do so, Meta shows your ads to different people in the audience.

Once it finds potential good audiences, the performance becomes more stable over time. Naturally, ad performance fluctuates in the first week as your ads are in their learning phase.

Easy Ads makes sure your campaign will exit this phase effectively by offering you a set of technologies that ensures your daily budget is spent only when it detects good performance.

This way, your campaign will finish the learning phase without you losing a lot of money and with the best performance possible.

How Long Does The Learning Phase Take?

For your campaign to exit the learning phase, it has to achieve 50 conversions events. The events can be view content, adds to cart, purchases, or many other events.

In Easy Ads, campaigns usually take from 7 to 10 days to reach 50 conversion events and exit the learning phase.

What Should You Do In The Learning Phase?

You need to keep these rules in mind, so your campaign finishes the learning phase smoothly:

1. Allow your campaign enough time to collect enough data and exit the learning phase.

Usually it takes from 7 to 10 days, but it can take longer to achieve the 50 conversion events according to your site’s quality, your products’ type, and your audience’s nature. Therefore, in some cases, the learning phase can take up to 15 days to end.

2. Be patient with your results.

In the learning phase, the cost per click tends to be high, but it decreases overtime as your Dataset collects more data.

What Should You Avoid In The Learning Phase?

To avoid your campaign landing in the Limited Learning phase which causes your ads to stop delivering, make sure to:

Avoid completely editing your campaign in the learning phase or it will go to the “limited learning” phase.

Don’t pause your campaign in the learning phase or it will restart it.

Don’t set a very broad audience and a small daily budget as that will make achieving the 50 conversion events very slow.

Don't launch multiple campaigns, all targeting the same audience. This will result in audience overlap and eventually the “limited learning” phase.

With these steps, your campaign will be on its way to existing the Learning Phase and unlocking true advertising results.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact the Easy Ads support team from here.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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