How Can You Scale Your Campaign?

Have you created your campaign, got your first sale, so what is next?

Creating your campaign through Easy ads doesn't only automate personalized ads for you, but it also enables you to scale your sales consistently. To scale your campaign, you need to update five sections in your ads.

In this article, we will identify the four sections you need to update with different ways to work on every section.

1. Change Your Ad Creatives:

The first thing you should improve is your ad visuals. We recommend using high quality eye catching visuals that contain one of these three main features.

A Benefit-Focused Message: your visuals must communicate your products’ value while focusing on addressing how this value is the cure of your audience problems.

A surprise: when your ad images surprise the audience, it captures their attention and their memory as well. This surprise can be new information, new life-hack, or a non-traditional approach to life.

A story: Humans have been learning and communicating using stories for decades. They emotionally get attached to them. Therefore, having a story in your ads can make people emotionally attached to your brand and community.

2. Increasing Your Budget:

After updating your ad’s visuals, it's time to attack your second section in scaling your campaign which is increasing your daily budget. In Easy Ads, we recommend putting 10 USD as your daily budget at the beginning of your campaign. However, after you run your campaign for more than two weeks with that small daily budget, you may need to consider increasing it.

Adding more coins to your daily budget is like adding more fuel to your car. The more funds you add, the more people see your ads. Therefore, after setting a daily budget for more than two weeks, it is time to scale your campaign by increasing that daily budget.

Here is how you can edit your daily budget in Easy ads:

How to Change Your Daily Budget.

3. Changing Your Audience:

When you upgrade your ad’s creatives and increase your budget, the next step is your audience targeting. To scale it, you must increase your audience size. However, this process can be tricky because if you increase your audience to be too broad that will negatively affect your campaign's performance. To avoid that, ensure that every 10 million of your audience has a 10 dollars in your daily budget.
For instance, if you want to increase your audience with 20 million, you need to add 20 dollars to your daily budget.

Here is how you can edit your audience.

4. Activate AI Automations:

AI automation is a unique feature that helps you scale your campaign if you did not use it yet.

You may learn more about it here:

How to run AI Automation ON/OFF.

5. Upgrading to the pro plan in easy ads:

After running your original funnel, you may need to consider creating multiple funnels to A/B test and duplicate your original funnel. This will help you scale your campaign drastically.

Congratulations, now you can scale your funnel using these four steps. Start with your ad’s creatives, audience, and then your budget and automation.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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